5 Family-Friendly Spring Break Destinations (2023)

Spring break is the perfect time to explore family-friendly destinations and enjoy some quality family time. But with so many options, it can be hard to narrow down your choices.

To help make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of five family-friendly spring break destinations and easy transportation options to help make your family vacation hassle-free.

What Are the Best Family-Friendly Spring Break Destinations?

Here, we share our top family-friendly spring break vacation ideas. Be sure to keep reading to learn how to ensure convenient, easy transportation while visiting these — or any — family-friendly spring break destinations.

1. Yosemite National Park, California

Our first family-friendly spring break destination is Yosemite National Park in California. This incredible park is one of the most iconic national parks in the U.S., and it offers family-friendly activities like hiking trails, ziplining, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, and camping.

And with numerous family-friendly state park lodging options available, you’ll have plenty of places to stay for your springtime vacation. Check out the family-friendly packages available at some of the area’s hotels, which often include meals and tickets to nearby attractions.

Yosemite is perfect for a spring break vacation if you love the outdoors and enjoy spending quality family time together. And if you bring your car with you, it will be easy to take a road trip to the San Diego Zoo.

2. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, offers family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy. From amusement parks to museums and family-friendly golf courses, Orlando will surely have something fun for the whole family.

The accommodation options in Orlando are plentiful and family-friendly too. Many hotels offer family packages that include tickets to theme parks, onsite restaurants, and family-friendly activities like swimming pools and mini golf.

If you and your family love beaches, you will find plenty of sandy beaches near Orlando, including Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach. These beaches are perfect for relaxation, with plenty of nearby activities and attractions to enjoy.

Whether you stay at the Hilton, a beach resort, or elsewhere, Orlando can offer you the time of your life. There are many fun things to look forward to, like water slides, beautiful beaches, Seaworld, Disney World, LEGOLAND, and more.

With so much to do, it’s easy to see why Orlando ranks as one of the best spring break destinations in the United States. Just be sure to watch out for the alligators!

3. New York City, New York

New York City makes for a wonderful family spring break trip. It’s filled with amazing sights, attractions, and activities that will make your family vacation fun and memorable. From the iconic New York skyline to the world-renowned Central Park, New York City offers visitors so much to do.

Kids will love exploring Times Square, visiting MoMA to see the world-famous art collection, or walking through Chinatown and Little Italy for a taste of different cultures. There’s even a children’s museum that’s perfect for little ones.

There is also plenty of family-friendly entertainment at places like Coney Island or the Bronx Zoo. With so many options available, your family will surely have an unforgettable experience on their spring break in New York City.

4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is one of the top spring break ideas in the United States, home to 60 miles of white sand beaches, family-friendly boardwalks, mini-golf, and plenty of fun family activities.

With a variety of family resorts and hotels, Myrtle Beach is a great option for families looking to plan an affordable vacation. From parasailing and scuba diving to water sports and snorkeling, there are plenty of fun activities for kids and adults alike.

You’ll also find a wealth of shops and restaurants in Myrtle Beach, so you can easily spend a day (or two) exploring the area without traveling too far. Plus, the proximity to Charleston allows family members to experience a bit of history and culture while in town.

Charleston is known for its historical sites and family-friendly restaurants, making it the perfect side adventure while visiting Myrtle Beach. Overall, Myrtle Beach is definitely a top-tier option for an entertaining family spring break getaway.

5. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is another ideal family-friendly destination for spring break. With plenty of family-friendly museums, historical monuments, and cultural attractions, the nation’s capital provides endless possibilities for family fun.

It’s filled with history and culture and provides educational family activities like tours of the White House, the Smithsonian Museums, or a ride on the Metro. Washington D.C. also has family-friendly lodging options, with a wide selection of family hotels and vacation rentals available.

Moreover, with its vibrant restaurant scene and many family-oriented and kid-friendly activities — like the Smithsonian Zoo or National Mall — there’s something to interest family members of all ages in D.C.

And thanks to its central location, Washington, D.C., makes a great hub for exploring the East Coast. This is one family-friendly spring break destination you won’t want to miss.

What Should You Look For in a Destination?

When choosing family-friendly spring break destinations, there are a few key travel tips you want to consider. First, consider the activities you and your family would enjoy doing together. Do you prefer outdoor activities, such as hiking and swimming, or indoor family-friendly attractions like museums and galleries?

Second, consider the cost of accommodation when picking a destination. Research family packages available at resorts in the area; you may be able to find family discounts and family-friendly amenities.

It’s also a good idea to look at the weather forecast of your destination; warmer climates will likely offer more family-friendly outdoor activities.

With these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find a family-friendly spring break destination that works for everyone in the family. Whether it’s an action-packed adventure or a relaxing beach vacation, family-friendly spring break destinations have something to offer everyone.

Make sure to research the destination and plan ahead — you’ll surely find a family-friendly destination that’s perfect for your family getaway.

What Should You Bring on Your Break?

No matter what family-friendly destination you choose for your spring break, there are a few essentials that you should bring with you to ensure a great time.

Clothes: You definitely want to pack enough clothing for your family, including swimwear for water parks, swimming pools, and beaches. But don’t forget about formal wear, too, as you may decide to go out to a nice dinner or attend a special event during your spring break getaway.

Toiletries: Bring all the essentials, such as toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and sunscreen. Depending on your destination and the season, you may also need to pack mosquito repellents.

Entertainment: Pack books, DVDs, video games, and other forms of entertainment to keep the family occupied during long travel days or quiet nights.

Extras: Don’t forget to bring items like a first-aid kit, power adapters, and an extra set of car keys.

Car: You might think bringing your car is out of the question, but it could be the best way to explore your destination. Having your car means you don’t have to rely on public transportation or taxis — you’ll save time and money, and you won’t have to deal with delays or crowds.

Whether flying or taking a bus to your family-friendly destination, Carvaygo makes it easy to arrange to have your car shipped to you.

With these tips in mind, you’ll surely have a wonderful and memorable family-friendly spring break. So start planning now and enjoy an amazing adventure with the family.

The Bottom Line

Family-friendly spring break destinations are perfect for families looking to get away and have an enjoyable time. But when it comes to transportation during your visit, you’re often at the mercy of taxis and public transportation.

Carvaygo is here to help solve that problem by making it easy to arrange for your car to be delivered to you, wherever you are. That way, you can easily explore your destination and enjoy a stress-free spring break getaway.

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