The Woman Who refused to die,Alison Botcha (2023)

Alison Botha was kidnapped near her house in South Africa on December 18, 1994. She had been raped, stabbed, and disemboweled at the end of the night, yet she was still alive.

Alison Botha drove back to her flat in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, after a typical night out with her friends. A man with a knife forced his way inside as soon as the 27-year-old parked her car.

Botha was told to transfer to a different seat by the attacker, trapping her in her own vehicle. After that, he drove her car to pick up a partner in the crime. And it was evident to her from that point that the two men had evil plans for her.

Botha was kidnapped and taken to a secluded place on the outskirts of town by Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger. They raped her, disemboweled her, and sliced her throat so badly that she was almost decapitated there. Finally, they abandoned her to die.

Botha, on the other hand, was still alive. She subsequently explained, “I felt my life was too valuable to let go of.” “And it was because of that that I was able to survive.”

I present to you the story of Alison Botha, the woman who refused to die.

The Kidnap Of Alison Botha

Alison Botha was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on September 22, 1967. Botha spent the majority of her youth living with her mother and brother after her parents divorced when she was ten years old.

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Botha lived a rather ordinary life in her early years. She was the top girl at Port Elizabeth’s The Collegiate High School for Girls. She traveled for a few years after finishing her degree. Botha obtained a job as an insurance broker after she came home, which she enjoyed.

At first, the night of her attack appeared to be an ordinary one. On December 18, 1994, Botha invited her friends over to her apartment for pizza and games after spending time at the beach with them. Botha took her last pal home after the rest of the group had left. Botha then returned to her apartment.

But she wasn’t going to make it inside.

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Botha leaned into the passenger seat after parking her car to get her bag of clean laundry to take inside. However, she was awoken by a burst of warm air. The driver’s door had been opened by a man wielding a knife.

He said, “Move over or I’ll kill you.”

Botha, terrified, did what she was commanded to. The man took control of the vehicle and drove away quickly. “I don’t want to hurt you,” the man, who gave his name as Clinton, stated. “I’d like to borrow your car for an hour.”

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Clinton, whose real name was Frans du Toit, then went to pick up his friend Theuns Kruger in another part of Port Elizabeth.

The men then drove Alison Botha to a remote location outside of town. Botha was frozen, and she felt something bad was about to happen to her.

Alison Botha was told by Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger that they were going to have sex with her. They inquired if she was willing to fight them. Botha said no, clearly trapped and afraid for her life.

Both guys raped her, and both had a history of violence towards women. They were soon on a mission to assassinate her as well. They attempted to suffocate her at first. Botha clung to live despite her loss of consciousness.

Du Toit and Kruger were enraged and escalated their brutality. They stabbed Botha in the abdomen at least 30 times. Botha then said that du Toit wanted to mutilate her reproductive organs for a specific reason. However, the assailants apparently missed those exact regions of her body.

Du Toit and Kruger thought the work wasn’t finished when Botha’s leg twitched. They slit her throat 16 times after that.

“All I could see was an arm moving above my face,” Alison Botha later recalled. “Left and right and left and right. His movements were making a sound. A wet sound, it was the sound of my flesh being slashed open. He was cutting my throat with the knife. Again and again and again.”

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Botha’s mind was trying to make sense of what was going on. “It felt surreal at first, but it wasn’t,” she explained. “I didn’t feel any discomfort, but it wasn’t a dream.” This was going on. My throat was being slashed by the man.”

Botha overheard the men enjoying their work and talking Afrikaans when they eventually took a step back. One of the attackers inquired, “Do you think she’s dead?” The other responded, “No one can survive that.”

Du Toit and Kruger drove away, apparently pleased that they had killed her. But they had no idea that Botha was still alive.

“I had to at least leave a hint about who did this to me,” Botha realized as he lay alone on sand and broken glass. She made the decision to scribble the names of her assailants in the mud. Then she wrote beneath it, “I adore Mom.”

Botha soon understood, however, that she could have a chance of surviving. She could see headlights racing across the bushes in the distance. Someone might be able to assist her if she could just get on the road.

The Man Who Rescued Botcha

Alison Botha noticed the full extent of her injuries when she went toward the headlights. Her head began to slip backward as she pulled herself up, indicating that she had been nearly decapitated.

In the meantime, she felt something sticky protruding from her abdomen – it was her intestines. She had to use one hand to keep her innards from spilling out while holding on to her own head with the other.

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“As I struggled onward, my vision went in and out, and I fell many times but managed to climb back up until I finally reached the road,” Botha recalled.

She collapsed along the white line there. Even in her daze, she knew this was the finest spot to catch the notice of a passing driver.

Botha didn’t have to wait long, thankfully. Tiaan Eilerd, a young veterinary student visiting Port Elizabeth on holiday from Johannesburg, observed Botha laying in the middle of the road and pulled over.

“God put me on that road for a reason that night,” Eilerd subsequently explained.

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Botha’s exposed thyroid was tucked back into her body thanks to his veterinary training. Eilerd then requested assistance from emergency services.

Alison Botha was transported to the hospital, where her severe wounds astounded specialists. Alexander Angelov, a doctor, later remarked that in his 16 years of practice, he’d never seen such terrible injuries.

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Botha was on the verge of passing away. But she made it out alive — and she recalled everything about her assailants. While she was still in the hospital, she was able to recognize them via police photos. As a result, the “Ripper Rapists,” as they were dubbed in the press, were apprehended quickly.

The “Noordhoek Ripper Trial” that followed drew the attention of South Africans all throughout the country. Kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder were among the eight crimes du Toit and Kruger pleaded guilty to. In August 1995, they were both found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Despite the fact that the worst was over, Alison Botha was left with physical and emotional scars from the event.


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